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Hey Everyone!

I'm going to be redoing the website, including moving it to a new server. So things are going to look like a train wreck for a while.

Simply put, my goal, is to make the site more user friendly, less personal looking and more pro looking..

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My Statement in Regards to the Nexus

I think mod collections are going to be the next big thing in the modding community. 

Simplicity is key to any mod communities growth and a premade mod collection can be a huge incentive to bring in new modders.

Not sure what I am talking about?

Read the Article Here

Some of us mod more than we game and that's okay.. it's our thing but that sure in hell isn't everyone's thing.

I can understand those that just want to plug and play the game without spending hours trying to create the perfect load order.

The Nexus is taking an innovative approach to grow the community. I look at 3rd party mod sites like the Nexus as unions, it is these mod sites and communities that keep game publishers from turning every single mod, addon, idea into a cash shop item that doesn't recognize or barely rewards the author.

There are a few things about moving forward that I am not comfortable with but far be it for me to stand in the way of progress.

I figure we should just give the Nexus a chance and see what they come up with. 


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